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I love music, reading and watching Bravo Tv. My ultimate girl crush is Gwen Stefani since Tragic Kingdom days, we've gone thru love and heartbreak together. I have the best partner to stumble forward together raising our girls and living our life.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead

Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated on November 1st thru 2nd, a Mexican holiday to honor our loved ones who we have lost. Last year I couldn't even speak about two of my loved ones whom I lost within a month of each other, both very sudden to me. My heart swells and my eyes fill with tears when I think about them. I have a picture of both in my home and I know that both have been here to visit my Sollie :) .


My Nina

  A confession ( I've only spoken about this with one person , thank you Mickey).  So about two years ago I was told that my Godmother was sick with cancer, she wasn't doing very well and finally refused treatment. Her son emailed me her phone number, me being terrified that maybe I would not be able to say the right things or have nothing to say at all put calling her off ... For months.  A decision I will forever regret. I found out she passed on Facebook sitting in the hospital after giving birth to Marisol, I wanted to get up and run, run to the woman whom over 29 years had always cheered me on, always gave me beautiful words of advice and never telling me you shouldn't or you can't. As far as I can remember she has always been in my life and now forever gone without knowing how much she meant to me. I didn't get up to speak at her funeral because in my heart I felt that all my memories of her are for me and for me to think back on and smile. I cannot help but wonder of what she thought of me and how it made her feel knowing she will always be a part of me.  I have the sound of her voice in my head saying "hi mija" :). Her picture sits in my living room of her and I the day before I left to Basic Training (Sollie always plays with it). I know we will meet again and we will smile and I will apologize, already knowing that an apology will not be accepted I still have to.  She was beautiful, a wonderful mother and taught me how to be a Godmother, I have big shoes to fill with two Godsons.  Thank you Nina Marchelle. 

"My Love"

My dearest friend Kino, words of wisdom were always sought whenever you were around. I miss your smile and gentle hugs.  I miss knowing if I needed spiritual advice without judgment, you were there.  I miss hearing your voice and reading your texts over trying to understand how I can make my Bri feel better with your natural healing. I will forever miss the love you gave me. Until we meet again xoxo.


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This Weekends Pics :)

Marco's sweet loving family <3
Universal Studios together
Quality time with my Sissy
ugh! the suspense kills me! Marcho and I are preparing to run in the Run for your life! SO EXCITED!! 
I love this girl! I asked and she answered :) Sigh** she said "ass" haha!!
I spoke to the esthetician and realized that the laser treatment was not for me so instead I decided on a chemical peel. I just got it yesterday so I was told that my face will look bad before it starts looking better in a week. So embarrassed but here it is... (no filter used)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Work it Bitch

Vegas is for Party Girls

My Bestfriend B_ee wanted to go to Vegas for her "21st" birthday party ... I said "DONE!" ha! Best time ever!!! Of course we will stick to the saying "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" but here are a couple of pics that are so cute! I love those girls.



I have to be honest about this because it is something that I am very insecure with, I have always had a pimple problem and I was always told it was just because my father had pimples so someday I will grow out of it. Well here I am 30 years old and still battling those ugly bumps. I have tried everything from the cheapest to the most expensive and even antibiotics for my face. In the past 10 years I have no idea how much I have spent on products but I am very excited for my next step. On Monday I am scheduled to have a treatment done by a esthetician that consists of a laser. I will know more on Monday and I plan on documenting the steps.

Take a look at all the products I have used over the past months, this doesn't even include the products I did use completely.

NO FILTER and I am a picker :(

My Fashionista

Bri has grown so much <3


Who can't wait!! MEEEEEEEE!!!!
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Sunday, August 11, 2013


I am so happy to be home, although 3 months doesn't seem so long to be away from home it really does take its toll on your personal life. I had so much fun in Panama, and it truly is beautiful but I love Arizona and my tiny home with all the little loves inside. I was able to spend time with the Greatest Love of my Life on the beach having sandy kisses and snorkeling. As soon as I got back Marcho left and I had my time with my girls to myself. Everyone is home now and we are back to our normal busy schedule, Bri started 5th grade, Sollie is a little terror, and work .. is work.

Here are some pictures I love and adore from Panama.
I have found myself always looking for SOMETHING and never feeling fulfilled. Why? My conclusion: because I am a Woman HAHA! Here are the top 12 things I am always in search of..

1. The perfect pair of black shoes:   How many have I owned and how many will I own may never be answered but I do know you can never own too many shoes.

2. That purse that goes with everything.

3. Perfect white T: Here are some I really love but I cannot see myself spending so much on a plain white T.

4. Songs and signs: There are times when a song comes on that can take me back to a place or time in my life that tells me it's okay to be where I am now.
 5. The best time to talk to my Tween about things that suck (Women's problems): She just recently started shaving her legs, my heart broke because I remember that exact day my mother said "okay Tina Monique, but your sister needs to show you how." there in the shower was my sister and I shaving our legs haha! I remember thinking omm mee gosh everyone is going to notice... no one ever noticed until the couple days I went without shaving haha!
6. Religion: Where do I even start....

7. Workouts: My gym partner has been the best! She keeps me focused and pumped about getting/staying in shape!

8. that dimple: sigh. I love when I see it because it truly means he is the happiest.

9. a Hobby

10. the best relationships: I love having happy, loving people surrounding me. The greatest people in my life are currently in MY LIFE.

11. the prettiest book cover to display on my bookshelf.

12. a clear focused career: I wish I knew.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Marisol Luz

Happy Birthday to my Baby 

I'm a day late blogging but yesterday was real hard to even type a Facebook post without getting a huge lump in my throat. Here I am thousands of miles away from my darling girls and Mr. Dreamy and my baby turns 1. I knew it would be hard but never imagined this hard. Given that I love my job and thank everyday how lucky I have been to have it, it still sets a madness inside my heart when I miss out on my girls and life changing moments. When Bri turned one I left to Basic Training, missing out on her walking, first words and missing her watch Finding Nemo everyday. Sollie turns one and I miss out on her blowing kisses, her walking and her first birthday. Mr Dreamy is being a great father and handling things home without me worrying. His Mommy and sister Mickey helped out for the first month that he and I were both away, I appreciate them so much for all the support. 

My dearest Marisol Luz, 

   I hope you have the strength and courage your Sissy has when it comes to Mommy being away from home at times. I am still learning how to be a mother and everyday I learn something new. I watch your little eyes and wonder if you miss me and even understand how much i miss you. From the moment Daddy and I knew we wanted to have you we gave so much love towards it, that it brings tears to my eyes thinking of our commitment and agreement. The agreement that our girls would always know how much we love them regardless of where we were physically. I love you my little soul. You have brought happyness and light to our lives and you are just what our little family prayed for. Ill be home soon. Happy Birthday. 

                                        Love you forever