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Friday, May 17, 2013

Marisol Luz

Happy Birthday to my Baby 

I'm a day late blogging but yesterday was real hard to even type a Facebook post without getting a huge lump in my throat. Here I am thousands of miles away from my darling girls and Mr. Dreamy and my baby turns 1. I knew it would be hard but never imagined this hard. Given that I love my job and thank everyday how lucky I have been to have it, it still sets a madness inside my heart when I miss out on my girls and life changing moments. When Bri turned one I left to Basic Training, missing out on her walking, first words and missing her watch Finding Nemo everyday. Sollie turns one and I miss out on her blowing kisses, her walking and her first birthday. Mr Dreamy is being a great father and handling things home without me worrying. His Mommy and sister Mickey helped out for the first month that he and I were both away, I appreciate them so much for all the support. 

My dearest Marisol Luz, 

   I hope you have the strength and courage your Sissy has when it comes to Mommy being away from home at times. I am still learning how to be a mother and everyday I learn something new. I watch your little eyes and wonder if you miss me and even understand how much i miss you. From the moment Daddy and I knew we wanted to have you we gave so much love towards it, that it brings tears to my eyes thinking of our commitment and agreement. The agreement that our girls would always know how much we love them regardless of where we were physically. I love you my little soul. You have brought happyness and light to our lives and you are just what our little family prayed for. Ill be home soon. Happy Birthday. 

                                        Love you forever 




  1. oh my gosh, this just made me cry!!! how lucky our birthday girl is to always have this love letter. Your little soul-- she truly lights up the world!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful niece, my favorite. You are so lucky to have your Mama's beauty and strength, and her heart.


  2. She's soooo freaking cute! Happy Birthday to Sollie Bollie. xxx